Why Clean the Pantry in the Winter?

// March 8th, 2011 // Clean is Healthy, Cleaning Tips, Household Hints

Because it is too cold and icy to go outside and do anything else! – Yes, the pantry needs to be cleaned occasionally and the grocery items need to be sorted and checked for expiration dates. What better time to do it than on a cold winter day when you can’t get outside anyway? The ideal way to clean a pantry is to remove all items, dust for cobwebs, wipe down all the shelves, clean the baseboards, and scrub the floor.

As that is drying start sorting through the canned and packaged goods. Check for expiration dates and for packaged items that have been opened and not used for a long time. Start putting things back in the pantry in what you feel is a logical system. We realize that everybody has a different logic to how they want their pantry stocked.

Just make sure that there is a reason for where different products are stored.

You might put all soups together with the same soups in a row behind each other. Veggies the same way and perhaps alphabetized. Products like canned meats and fish in a separate area and cereals together on a level that your children can reach for themselves – while maybe the treats are hidden away on a higher shelf. The chips and popcorn can be stashed in a separate area. Whatever system you feel works best for your family’s particular make up is the one you should use.

The main idea is clean the space and get rid of expired items or things that have been opened just too long! My Grandma (who was not too “with it” in regard to kid snack food, bought a big bag of potato chips for our visit one Christmas. She did not eat chips. When we got there for our visit in the spring, she offered us the same chips that she had been saving “especially for us”. YUCK they were terrible!!!! That happened about 45 years ago and I still remember it.

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