Whew! The Kids Are Back to School and the Carpets Need Cleaned!

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Yes, after a wonderful summer of family picnics, evenings with friends, grilling out, pool parties and kid’s sleepovers the time has come to tidy up and get back to business.
Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis
Traffic (adults, kids and PETS) in and out of the house drags in not only dirt and sand, but other contaminants such as airborne pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and many other outdoor environmental pollutants. They drop off as we walk around the house and eventually end up in the carpeting. These unwelcome visitors can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma or other respiratory diseases. And…that’s not to discount the dust, pop, Cheetos, spilled coffee, wine, mac and cheese and puppy accidents as common sources of carpet contamination!

So…Why clean carpets now?
Here are 5 really good reasons to get your carpet cleaned professionally NOW.

  • You will feel better and healthier. Clean carpets provide a healthier environment for your family. Carpet cleaning can improve the quality of your indoor air by removing the dust, airborne allergens, cigarette smoke, other chemical environmental pollutants, and just plain bad odors that have over time been embedded in the carpet. Plus, it is much more enjoyable to sit down on the floor to play with kids or pets on a nice fresh clean carpet!
  • Clean carpets help the whole house smell GREAT!
  • Clean carpets last longer. Dirt and grime in all forms work as sandpaper by rubbing against the carpet fibers cutting and irreversibly ruining them. Routine cleaning of carpets will extend the life of the carpeting and make it look better in the process.
  • Clean carpets will save you money in the long run. You will have better looking and smelling carpets that will last much longer if kept clean.
  • Clean carpets LOOK better. Those unsightly spots and stains can detract from the entire appearance of an otherwise beautiful room.

In keeping with our tradition of quality home cleaning services The Personal Concierge has expanded to offering quality professional carpet cleaning services.
Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis
The Personal Concierge’s licensed technician will come to your home at the appointed time (as opposed to sometime between 10 AM and 4 PM) and you will receive the same detail oriented, efficient, courteous service you get with our housekeepers. All technicians and helpers are paid as employees (as opposed to independent contractors) so they are all covered with our bonding, insurance and workman’s comp.
Our technicians have been thoroughly trained in basic carpet cleaning as well as spot and stain removal and carpet protection treatments.

We do a professional chemically balanced, hot water extraction process that leaves carpets as clean and safe as possible. No hidden expenses. If you would like the carpet protection, that is offered separately. However, most people just want their carpets cleaned!
Just like the most common house cleaning we do is between 2 -4 hours bi-weekly, the most common carpet cleaning is high traffic areas. And this simple process does wonders for the overall appearance of your home!

Call us now and we will get you scheduled for healthier, cleaner air, longer lasting carpets and much better looking carpets!

Now that you have gotten your carpet cleaned – how do you keep it nice for as long as possible?

  • Have family and friends take shoes off at the front door. Many of our regular housekeeping clients have a place by each entry to the home where family and regular routine guests leave their shoes when they come in. Just having regular household traffic deposit their shoes at the door helps. Then when an occasional new guest comes in and you are apprehensive about asking them to take off their shoes, don’t. You will still have cut down on 90% or the dirt and grime.
  • You may want to limit areas that people (kids especially) can take snacks and meals. Spilled cups and glasses account for most of the stains and carpet problems in kid’s bedrooms and many family areas.
  • Be extremely careful using off the shelf spot cleaners. Many of them contain an optical brightening agent which voids warranties and may make the carpet LOOK cleaner, but doesn’t remove the stain. Therefore, it looks slightly better right away, but you are left with a much lighter spot on the carpet after the carpet is actually cleaned.

Cleaning the carpet will definitely relieve a number of these conditions.

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