Solutions for Pets and People with Pet Allergies

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Most of our clients have pets and many of them have someone in the household who is allergic to the pet. So how do you keep the pets without suffering the allergies? This newsletter addresses what you can do to minimize or eliminate the problem – yes and keep the pet! I personally, had allergies to my pets and have tried many of the suggestions listed below.

I already had a Pomeranian and a Chia-Pom that I refused to part with. So that eliminated the first step of picking a pet that caused minimal reactions. However I ripped out my carpeting and got hardwood and ceramic tile floors – which helped greatly, but didn’t totally solve the problem.

Then I went to Allergy Solutions of Indiana and got desensitized and in one easy pain free treatment – am no longer allergic to my pets. Yes, you can say I am a fan! Take a look at the following suggestions. Our last article in this newsletter about the desensitizing treatment is written by Tom Hammett R.N. Allergy Specialist, who has done my treatment.
1. Research and pick a pet that causes minimal allergic reactions.
2. Redo, redecorate or remodel any pet areas to make it easier to keep hair and dander free.
3. Get an allergy solution treatment that will eliminate the allergy entirely.

All dogs and cats produce dander and saliva that can cause allergic reactions in people. Certain breeds are touted as less allergenic. Here are some of the easiest pets for the allergic person to live with. If you are trying to decide between and cat and a dog – the cats usually produce a greater allergic reaction.

1. Bichon Frise’
2. Yorkie
3. Schnauzer
4. Bedlington Terrier
5. Shih Tzu
6. Poodle or Labradoodle
7. Italian Greyhound
8. Basenji
9. Chinese Crested
10. Portuguese Water Dog

1. Devon Rex
2. Sphynx
3. Xoloitzcuintli

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