How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

// March 9th, 2011 // Cleaning Tips, Household Hints

A lot of people enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, but most people don’t get the best they can out of the coffee they buy because their coffee maker isn’t clean enough to get the optimal taste from the beans.

The oils in coffee beans spoil and go rancid when exposed to oxygen and are affected when the coffee is roasted by the manufacturers. This transfers to the internal workings of the coffee maker and even the filter if it is a reusable type. You can get a tastier cup of coffee by following these directions.

First run a sink full of hot soapy water and thoroughly wash the pot, lid and filter along with any other parts that can be removed. Make sure to scrub every surface with a green scrub pad because the oils won’t all wash off with soap and water, you need to agitate the surfaces to remove them. Unplug the coffee maker and go over the inside of the fill tank with the same pad and soapy water making sure to rinse it out thoroughly. Wipe off all the external surfaces as well. Dry all surfaces completely.

Now fill the coffee pot 1/4 full of white vinegar and then top off with plain cold water. This would be like putting 3 cups of vinegar into a 12 cup coffee pot and filling the rest with water. Pour this into the fill tank of the coffee machine. Reassemble all the parts that had been disassembled to wash, plug the coffee maker in and start the brew cycle.

After the cycle has completed pour out the liquid that has brewed and fill the pot with another mix of water and vinegar in the same proportions that you did last time. After this second cycle has completed run a pot of regular cold water through the machine and repeat with another pot of cold water.

After the second rinse cycle with just water you should not smell any vinegar lingering during the brew process, if you do, keep running water through the machine until any vinegar smell has gone away.

If you followed these directions you will get the best possible flavor out of every cup of coffee, if you are still not satisfied with the flavor you might try another brand of coffee.

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