Getting Ready for those May Graduations and Indy 500 Parties

// May 13th, 2013 // Activities, Tips for Living

May is traditionally the time to clean out all the “old” from winter and jump headfirst into spring! The question is where to start and how to start. We have a few ideas on how to get going with both your inside and outside preparations.

Getting the inside of your home party ready. Yes, we all know that we have to clean the house in the spring to get rid of all those hidden dust bunnies, light film of dust on the blinds, dirt on the window sills, staleness in the curtains, grease film on the cabinet fronts and dust on the artificial plants and even dust on the living plants! But what else should be done to freshen the house and let the wonderful rejuvenating essence of Spring in?

Here are some suggestions:

Open the windows! Studies have shown that indoor air is more polluted than the outside air. Yes, after a long winter the entire house needs aired out. So pick a beautiful day and open the windows on all sides of the house to create a strong “draft” that will pull the fresh outdoor air in. (I personally think there is nothing better than the fresh air after a spring rain.)
While you are working on air quality – now would be a good time to replace that air filter in your furnace and check and see if you need your air conditioner serviced before the hot weather arrives. According to Cory Welch at Welch Climate Technologies, now is a good time to change the furnace filter, get a spring tune up on your air conditioner and to PLEASE remember when redecorating inside – don’t put your furniture over your vents. It will restrict the air flow in your home. Proper airflow will improve the overall comfort in the home and unfortunately furniture over vents tends to dry out the furniture! Call Cory at 317-716-0266 if you have furnace air quality questions. We do! He’s great!
Windows. Yes, once you have that wonderful freshness in your home – get out and wash the windows. It is hard to impossible to keep them sparkling clean in the cold winter months, but now is the time to make them sparkle so the outdoors feels like it is indoors with you! Hint: Wipe the windows horizontally on the outside and vertically on the inside. It will be much easier to find and fix the streaks.
Change over your decorations. Get out your spring and summer flower arrangements, bright colored plates, light throws etc. Brighten up the house!

Outside preparation for party guests. The outside of your home gives guests their first impression of the party. If they have to climb over toys and bikes in the front yard and are then met with a hornet’s nest and cobwebs by the front door – it give a negative impression.

Here are some ideas to create that positive first impression:
• Mow the yard and freshly edge the sidewalks and driveway.
• Weed and mulch the flower beds. Fresh mulch always looks great!
• Cobweb/Sweep down the house, especially the entry way area and the patio where you will be partying. Many home owners come and go to their homes through the attached garage. This means that they don’t see what has been “growing” over the fall and winter by their front door! Wipe it down, hose it off and let it shine!
• Your deck/patio probably will need hosed down or even power washed to brighten it up! That little bit of work will add a lot in terms of cleanliness and newness.
• Around the same time as cleaning the patio – get out your patio furniture and get it nice and clean and check the cushions to see if they need cleaned or replaced.
• The day of the event – If you have children, make sure toys are in a spot that nobody will trip over them! Yes, kids need their bikes – but not leaning on the front steps!

Now that you are all ready – relax and have a fun party!!!!!

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