Freshen Your Home Naturally!

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There are many air fresheners on the market, but most have chemical components to them that may increase the risk of cancer and affect fertility.

Additionally, many people are sensitive to these chemicals and find being in a room with them uncomfortable. So why not use a natural alternative? Here are a few fast and easy ideas of how to freshen you home quickly without any artificial scents or chemicals.

•Put a pan of water on the stove to simmer with your favorite (or most easily accessible) herbs, fruits or spices.

◦Add a cut up apple (ok to pick the oldest one with a scar or bad spot) add some cinnamon and simmer. This is my favorite. The whole house will smell like an apple pie!

◦Use apple cider instead of water, add a cinnamon stick and simmer.

◦Add your favorite herbs/spices to the pan and simmer. Rosemary, nutmeg, cloves and/or cinnamon work great.

◦Cut up an orange or lemon and add to the water-or if you don’t have one on hand-just add a few drops of the orange or lemon extract. Make sure to watch the pan or set a timer so you don’t let the water completely evaporate.

•Bake cookies. Yummy ! ! ! Yes, pop a few slice and bake cookies in the oven or toaster oven. It not only smell good, but guests will have a wonderful treat.

•Brew a fresh pot of coffee. They even make tv commercials about waking up and smelling the freshly brewed java!

•Open the doors and windows for a few minutes and do a quick air exchange. Studies have shown that indoor air is far more polluted and unhealthy than good old outside fresh air. (In the old days, clothes brought in off the line would freshen the entire house!)

•And while you are at it-Take out all garbage (especially kitchen garbage) and change puppy pads and kitty litter boxes.

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