Fast and Simple Way to Keep Your Home Tidy

// February 7th, 2013 // Cleaning Tips, Household Hints, Tips for Living

The best rule is to do a little each day. Here are some quick and simple ideas to keep your home tidy and inviting between cleans.

Clean while you cook. If you are waiting for toast to pop up, coffee to reheat or spaghetti to boil, use that time to load the dishwasher or put away dishes, wipe up spots in the sink, damp wipe/polish the front of the stove, microwave, or fridge. Fold the dish towels and hang them to dry. Clean up the stove top or grab a paper towel and damp wipe any little spots on the floor.

When you get out of the shower grab a squeegee or a towel and wipe down the shower – or even just the glass door and the fixtures. Hang up or put the towels away. Just before leaving the bathroom grab a bleach wipe and wipe out the sink followed by wiping the toilet seat and rim. Yes you can use the same cloth, just do the toilet last. Another suggestion is to keep a bottle of Windex or Windex wipes handy and quickly touch up the mirrors for any errant spatters.

Make your bed. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get the comforter or bedspread pulled up. It will give the entire room a neater effect. Put your clothes away. Dirty clothes in clothes baskets and clean clothes back on hangers or in drawers. If you do this every day it doesn’t take much time. Straighten up your nightstand. Bring beverage glasses to kitchen, tidy up reading materials, medicines etc.

Living Room:
Clean up major clutter (thing you can trip over), straighten up the coffee table, remove all glasses and plates from eating and watching TV (that we are all so very fond of doing), put away video games and gaming equipment, use a microfiber duster or small hand held vac to get crumbs and little debris. And lastly…. fluff and arrange the cushions on the couch. A living room always looks better when the couch has been neatened up.

Any of these rooms that receive a high amount of traffic will undoubtedly result in extra debris (dust, sand, dirt, litter) on the floors. When any foreign items are on the floor they cause friction and extra wear and tear on the floor surface. This is especially true of hardwood flooring and carpeting. Therefore a quick dust mopping or vacuuming of high traffic areas will not only result in a nicer “look” to the room, but it will protect and extend the life of the floor surface.

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