Entertaining the Kiddies at Summer’s Events

// July 14th, 2012 // Activities

Summer vacation is here, and so are weddings, graduations, family reunions and picnics. Ever wondered, “How am I going to occupy the kids on the drive or what will we do to keep all the little cousins entertained at the family reunion or what games can we play at the family or neighborhood picnic?” We have some ideas for you!

Travel games:
1. Alphabet Game. Start with the letter “a” and see who can find that letter first on the billboards and street signs that you pass. Go all the way through the alphabet.
2. License Plate Game. Have children watch the license plates and see who can see the most plates from different states. Talk about where that state is located and why that car may have come so far. For really far away states, have each child make up a story why the car came so far.
3. Map It! Print off a map of your trip, give kids a highlighter and have them keep track of where they are. Discuss different points of interest along the way. If you be going past landmarks, print of pictures of the landmarks and let kid watch for them and discuss why these particular landmarks are important.
4. Activity Book with crayons
5. Paper and Crayons for Drawing

Family Reunion/Picnic Games:

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Digging for Treasures – Kids dig up jewels and treasures and record what they find.

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Cut shapes from a tarp or old shower curtain

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Homemade Bubbles!
Items Used:
Refill container
2 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup light corn syrup
mix in a bowl together and microwave four minutes
Gently mix 1/2 cup dish liquid
(I was told Dawn is the best)

Reused Items:
I saved bubble wands from old bubble containers
Saved yogurt cups to reuse for something
Everything else was already on hand except the container!

Yay! for recycling and saving money!

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Break glowsticks in the bottles for lawn bowling at night!

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Water PiƱatas! Great for a hot day with the kids for fun! Just think about these with a waterproof prize in each.

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