Cleaning Hard Surface Floors

// March 26th, 2012 // Cleaning Tips, Household Hints

Are you confused about how you should be cleaning your hard surface floors? Some cleaning solutions will work wonders on your floors, others could ruin them. Here are some cleaning tips for different types of flooring. With all types, you will need to sweep the entire area with a dust mop, prior to mopping.

Laminate Floors: Laminate floors are often difficult to maintain because after you’ve cleaned them, you’re left with ugly streaks. Vinegar can tackle almost all dirt and grime that ends up on the floor. Mix 1/4 cup vinegar into a 30 to 32oz spray bottle with warm water. Glass Cleaner, yes, glass cleaner, undiluted, out of the bottle can indeed help you clean your laminate floors too. Lightly mist a section of floor to be cleaned with either solution and then use a a mop with a microfiber pad to get up the solution. To remove scuffs, you can try a Magic Eraser, or rubbing alcohol.

Linoleum or Vinyl Floors: Linoleum and vinyl floors generally require only warm water for cleaning. Most detergents won’t rinse clean and leave behind a sticky residue. If you find your floor requires a cleanser, use Ivory Liquid dish soap. Add 7 or 8 drops in a large bucket of warm to hot water. Using a medium scrub brush, lightly scrub the floor in circular motion. Once the floor has been scrubbed, go over the floor with a mop and warm water only, to shine. To remove scuff marks, rub a small amount of WD40 on a soft rag to the problem spots, then clean as above.

Ceramic Tile Floors: Ceramic floors usually have a high gloss glaze, that can be easy to streak and haze. It is best to use just warm water when cleaning ceramic tiles. If possible use a steam mop. If there are messes or spills that are not coming up with water alone, spray a soft cloth with glass cleaner and wipe up the spots. Remove scuffs with a Magic Eraser, or pencil eraser.

Hardwood Floors: Remember that water is an enemy to hardwood floors, so never soak them. Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the floor, then use a microfiber mop to get up the mist, or if you are using a sponge mop, or regular mop, make sure to get most of the wetness out of the mop before placing on the floor. Use 4 caps full of Pine-sol to 30-32oz of warm water in a spray bottle to get your wood floor clean and streak free, without making too slippery. Remove scuffs with a Magic Eraser, or pencil eraser.

Marble Floors: Marble floors can be hard to maintain. For this reason, you may want to purchase a marble cleaner, especially for your floor. If none is available, you may only want to clean your marble floors with cool, purified water (adding a few drops of ph neutral dish soap, if the floor is in need of some deeper cleaning). It is best to do the floor on your hands and knees, washing and drying small sections as you go. Remove scuffs with crushed, plain white Chalk (rub lightly on the scuff with soft cloth)

Granite Floors: Granite floors, like Marble floors, are harder to maintain. You may want to look into a granite cleaner, made for floors. If that is not available to you, add 3 to 4 drops of ph neutral dish soap to a 30 – 32oz spray bottle of warm water. Make sure to hand dry the granite, as allowing it to air dry may cause streaking. Remove scuffs with crushed, plain white Chalk (rub lightly on the scuff with soft cloth.

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