Cleaning and Organizing the Linen Closet

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Getting Ready for Winter

As the seasons change so do the needs for bed linens. We start looking for the warm cuddly blankets and throws that feel so comfy and cozy on those cold winter days. Many people change over to heavier blankets and flannel sheets on the beds. Since you will be in the linen closet looking for the warm weather bedding – now is the perfect time to clean and organize the linen closet.

Many people keep all their linens in one place, while other people prefer to keep their linens in the room that they will be used in. If you have a central linen closet, this article is for you. Below, are step by step instructions as to how to get it clean and organized.

1. Empty everything out of the closet.
Yes, take it out and set it on the floor just outside of the closet. As you take thing out, put the items in piles: towels, hand towels, washcloths, sheets, table runners etc. If you have toiletries in the same closet – take them out too. Put them in a box or laundry basket so you don’t spill anything and have them in one easy place.

2. Sort and separate.
Linens: Look through your items. Make a pile for all the towels that you like and that are in good shape. The ones that are for guests only – put in a separate pile. The ones that are for pet baths – put in another pile (with 3 small dogs, we have pet towels) and then make a separate pile for the towels that should be given away – or even made into rags. Do the same for the sheets and pillow cases. Some people like to store the sheets and pillow cases inside of one of the pillow cases so they all stay together!

If you have seasonal tablecloths, runners or placemats organize them according to seasons and be sure to discard any that you really don’t like or are sure you will not use again anyway. This will save you having to handle them over and over again.

Toiletries. If you have products that you have decided that you do not like – throw them away. If there are unopened products that you don’t need and probably won’t use, consider donating them to a charity, homeless shelter or women’s shelter. Then separate the remaining products into categories and store them in baskets or small tubs according to what type of product it is; perfumes or shampoos or bath soaps etc.

3. Clean your closet shelves.
Now that everything is out of the closet, wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth. Use mild dish soap or other cleaner if you like the scent better.

4. Line your shelves.

5. Stack the linens neatly in the closet.
Store the items most often used on the shelves between thigh height and head level. That makes it the easiest to get the most used things. Bulky blankets can be stored up high in the top shelf. Store the lesser used items like guest towels on the higher shelf and pet towels on a lower shelf (where kids can easily reach). Fold all linens exactly the same. Therefore each towel, hand towel and washcloth should take up about the same space, so your piles don’t tip over. Don’t stack things too high or they will topple anyway!

6. Put the toiletries (that are now in neat containers), back on the shelves.

7. Add an air freshener or a box of baking soda or a couple dryer sheets to the closet to keep everything smelling fresh and Taadaa!!!!

You are done !

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