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Get Rid of the Allergy

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Our Last Article in this series is the final and definitive way for allergic people to live with their pets. Get desensitized and you won’t have the irritating allergy symptoms. The following article is written by Tom Hammett registered nurse and allergy specialist who did this treatment on me. I love it. I am no longer bothered by the itchy eyes, runny nose and chronic cough. Yeah!!!


Partying With Your Pets!

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Most of our clients have pets – and those pets are part of the family. So… when it comes time for hosting the party and guests start to arrive what do you do with your pets? Yes, some of our pets are such people pets that they are absolutely sure that everybody coming to the party is there to see them. However other pets a very young or simply timid while other pets have a tendancy to snap.

Starting first with the young or timid pet. These little guys may need a special safe secluded spot that they can feel comfortable and secure away from the noise, occasional “scarey” outbursts, trampling feet and in general rowdiness that goes with people having fun and partying. Putting them in their crate or bed a quiet bedroom or other unused room of the house will make them more comfortable. If guests insist on seeing your pet then you can bring him/her out for a short period of time where you can stay with them to monitor their fear/stress level. When they seem over stimulated – then off to the quiet room! A separate room is also a good idea for the precious pet that loves to dash out the front door every time it opens – or the party might have to adjourn to a lost pet search!

Other pets don’t always have a high tolerance for large crowds and/or small children and will growl, hiss or snap at someone they feel is “getting a little too close”. If your pet is a little short on patience perhaps removing them to a separate room will also make the pet and the guests more comfortable.

Now we consider the pet that absolutely LOVES to be in the center of EVERYTHING! This one simply needs to have any temptations removed from his/her presence. For example: If he loves cheese – do not put a cheese tray on the coffee table – He just might help himself to the cheese buffet! Of course, if he gets to be a nuisance he too can go to a quiet room to settle down and relax a bit.

A little bit of advanced planning will help make the party more enjoyable for both guests and pets.

Common Tax Deductions That You May Have Forgotten About

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Now that you have compiled all the tax related documents that you can find, take a look at the list below and see if you have omitted any of these commonly forgotten items.


Getting Rid of Tax Related Clutter

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In the previous article we explained how to amass this volume of documentation needed to file your taxes and keep Uncle Sam happy. This article addresses how to get rid of all of that clutter and paperwork. You have to have a system to organize the good stuff, know what you can throw away/shred and what needs to be saved for a while or forever.


5 Tips on How to Keep Your Sanity During Tax Season

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Tax season is once again upon us. Ever wonder how some of those incredibly organized people seem to breeze through income taxes and others struggle and agonize? We’ve got a couple quick and easy reads below that can help make tax time less painful.

Cleaning and Organizing the Linen Closet

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Getting Ready for Winter

As the seasons change so do the needs for bed linens. We start looking for the warm cuddly blankets and throws that feel so comfy and cozy on those cold winter days. Many people change over to heavier blankets and flannel sheets on the beds. Since you will be in the linen closet looking for the warm weather bedding – now is the perfect time to clean and organize the linen closet.


13 Ways to Redecorate on a Budget!

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13 Inexpensive Quick and Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz and Sparkle to a Tired Room.
1. Paint – paint always brightens up and freshens up a room, even if you only paint one accent wall.

2. Pillows and throws – new bright pillows and throws create a new focal point.

3. Lamp shades – New lamp shades are inexpensive and an easy way to inject new life into a room.

4. Colored bulbs – Along with a new shade try one of the lightly colored bulbs to throw a slightly softer or different cast on everything.

5 Reorganize your book cases. Add different knick-knacks or stack books differently

6. Add a small side table from a different room.

7. Set your dining room table with new or new to you seasonal placemats, napkins and napkin rings. Add a new seasonal centerpiece or fruit bowl.

8. Add cheerful seasonal seat cushions to dining/dinette chairs.

9. Control clutter with appropriately sized baskets or decorative bowls.

10. Buy a plant – if you don’t have the green thumb – buy an artificial plant.

11. Frame your favorite poster – or display it unframed. You can even lean it against a wall if you don’t want nail holes.

12. In the bathroom – freshen up the bathroom with a new shower curtain or bath mat. Use the same color scheme so you don’t have to paint or buy new towels.

13. Get a small 3 foot tall book case to put by the most used entry door for everyone to put their shoes on. Saves dragging dirt into the house and looks much better than shoes scattered.

5 Reasons to Rearrange Your Furniture

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Tired of the same old – same old living room? Traffic patterns becoming visible in carpeting? Stains showing? Sun damaging some furniture at a faster than normal rate? BUT, you really don’t want to spend the money on new furniture and decoration? Try rearranging your furniture.


Whew! The Kids Are Back to School and the Carpets Need Cleaned!

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Yes, after a wonderful summer of family picnics, evenings with friends, grilling out, pool parties and kid’s sleepovers the time has come to tidy up and get back to business.
Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis
Traffic (adults, kids and PETS) in and out of the house drags in not only dirt and sand, but other contaminants such as airborne pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and many other outdoor environmental pollutants. They drop off as we walk around the house and eventually end up in the carpeting. These unwelcome visitors can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma or other respiratory diseases. And…that’s not to discount the dust, pop, Cheetos, spilled coffee, wine, mac and cheese and puppy accidents as common sources of carpet contamination!


Go Green – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Many people are under the impression that it has to cost a lot to go green at home. While some things like solar panels, skylights and LED lights may be quite expensive, there are other ways to go green by simply changing the way you do things around the house.

Here are some ideas, on how you can help our environment:

  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Don’t turn on lights at all for as long as you can – open your curtains and enjoy natural light.
  • Switch your light bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs).
  • Do an energy audit of your home (go to for ideas and advice).
  • Click here to see if you can sign up for green power from your utility companies.
  • Switch one appliance to an energy efficient model (look for the “energy star” label).
  • Turn off your computer completely at night.
  • Unplug unused chargers and appliances.
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water heater.
  • Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot.
  • Line dry your laundry.
  • (more…)

Freshen Your Home Naturally!

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There are many air fresheners on the market, but most have chemical components to them that may increase the risk of cancer and affect fertility.

Additionally, many people are sensitive to these chemicals and find being in a room with them uncomfortable. So why not use a natural alternative? Here are a few fast and easy ideas of how to freshen you home quickly without any artificial scents or chemicals.