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Solutions for Pets and People with Pet Allergies

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Most of our clients have pets and many of them have someone in the household who is allergic to the pet. So how do you keep the pets without suffering the allergies? This newsletter addresses what you can do to minimize or eliminate the problem – yes and keep the pet! I personally, had allergies to my pets and have tried many of the suggestions listed below. (more…)

Home Design for Pet People with Allergies

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Just because you have a pet – and pet allergies, doesn’t mean boring, drab and ugly. You can still decorate with style and panache!

Floors: Hard surface floors work the best for people with allergies. Carpeting traps hair, dander, odors and all sorts of other environmental allergens. Hardwood floors, laminate floors, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, sealed stone and stained concrete are all much easier to clean and maintain – and still come in a wide variety of colors, styles and even textures. If you really must have carpeting then opt for a cut pile, stain resistant variety with a carpet pad that has a protective spill barrier to help with the occasional pet “accident”.

Fast and Simple Way to Keep Your Home Tidy

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The best rule is to do a little each day. Here are some quick and simple ideas to keep your home tidy and inviting between cleans.

Clean while you cook. If you are waiting for toast to pop up, coffee to reheat or spaghetti to boil, use that time to load the dishwasher or put away dishes, wipe up spots in the sink, damp wipe/polish the front of the stove, microwave, or fridge. Fold the dish towels and hang them to dry. Clean up the stove top or grab a paper towel and damp wipe any little spots on the floor.

Cleaning and Organizing the Linen Closet

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Getting Ready for Winter

As the seasons change so do the needs for bed linens. We start looking for the warm cuddly blankets and throws that feel so comfy and cozy on those cold winter days. Many people change over to heavier blankets and flannel sheets on the beds. Since you will be in the linen closet looking for the warm weather bedding – now is the perfect time to clean and organize the linen closet.


Whew! The Kids Are Back to School and the Carpets Need Cleaned!

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Yes, after a wonderful summer of family picnics, evenings with friends, grilling out, pool parties and kid’s sleepovers the time has come to tidy up and get back to business.
Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis
Traffic (adults, kids and PETS) in and out of the house drags in not only dirt and sand, but other contaminants such as airborne pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and many other outdoor environmental pollutants. They drop off as we walk around the house and eventually end up in the carpeting. These unwelcome visitors can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma or other respiratory diseases. And…that’s not to discount the dust, pop, Cheetos, spilled coffee, wine, mac and cheese and puppy accidents as common sources of carpet contamination!


Cleaning Hard Surface Floors

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Are you confused about how you should be cleaning your hard surface floors? Some cleaning solutions will work wonders on your floors, others could ruin them. Here are some cleaning tips for different types of flooring. With all types, you will need to sweep the entire area with a dust mop, prior to mopping.

Laminate Floors: Laminate floors are often difficult to maintain because after you’ve cleaned them, you’re left with ugly streaks. Vinegar can tackle almost all dirt and grime that ends up on the floor. Mix 1/4 cup vinegar into a 30 to 32oz spray bottle with warm water. Glass Cleaner, yes, glass cleaner, undiluted, out of the bottle can indeed help you clean your laminate floors too. Lightly mist a section of floor to be cleaned with either solution and then use a a mop with a microfiber pad to get up the solution. To remove scuffs, you can try a Magic Eraser, or rubbing alcohol.


Nobody Likes A Dirty Duck!

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Clean Up Tips to Keep the Bathtub Sparkling

After every shower or bath, take a minute and wipe down the shower walls with a soft towel. If you have a squeegee handy use that first and then quickly wipe up any extra water. This will not only help prevent hard water and soap scum build up – but it will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

On that note – remember to use your bathroom fan when bathing and let it run for a few minutes after you are done. This plus the air conditioner running will help pull the humidity out of the room and thereby reduce the possibility of mold and mildew growth.


Tis the Season…To Be Clean!

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The seasons are changing and as we transition from Summer to Fall and head towards Winter, we need to take advantage of the nice weather and lead time and get a few projects done that will make life easier as the busy holiday time approaches. This newsletter is addressing topics to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Bring the Sparkle Inside with Squeaky Clean Light Fixtures

As the days shorten and old man winter starts creeping in, it is time to start thinking about ways to keep the inside of your home light, bright and sparking. One good and easy way is to make sure that all your light fixtures are squeaky clean and shining.


4 – 3 – 2 – 1…CLEAN!

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Four quick and easy steps to mainaining a clean house

Now that the kids are going back to school and we are headed into Fall, it is time to start getting a simple system of keeping the house clean on a daily basis. Something that will help you maintain your sanity between formal cleanings.


Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

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Stainless steel appliances look great in a kitchen, but they are probably the most difficult surfaces to keep looking good if used very much. They show finger prints unlike any other surface and also easily show stains. Here are some quick tips for keeping these appliances looking beautiful.

At the first sign of dirt or prints clean the surface with hot soapy water or Windex and a soft cloth. Do not ever use a cleanser containing bleach or any kind of abrasive like Soft Scrub or Comet.

Also do not use steel wool or steel bristled brushes. Always go with the grain of the metal and don’t scrub across the grain, any sand or dirt could possibly scratch the surface of the appliance even if you’re just using a soft cloth and Windex.


How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

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A lot of people enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, but most people don’t get the best they can out of the coffee they buy because their coffee maker isn’t clean enough to get the optimal taste from the beans.

The oils in coffee beans spoil and go rancid when exposed to oxygen and are affected when the coffee is roasted by the manufacturers. This transfers to the internal workings of the coffee maker and even the filter if it is a reusable type. You can get a tastier cup of coffee by following these directions.

First run a sink full of hot soapy water and thoroughly wash the pot, lid and filter along with any other parts that can be removed. Make sure to scrub every surface with a green scrub pad because the oils won’t all wash off with soap and water, you need to agitate the surfaces to remove them. Unplug the coffee maker and go over the inside of the fill tank with the same pad and soapy water making sure to rinse it out thoroughly. Wipe off all the external surfaces as well. Dry all surfaces completely.


Why Clean the Pantry in the Winter?

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Because it is too cold and icy to go outside and do anything else! – Yes, the pantry needs to be cleaned occasionally and the grocery items need to be sorted and checked for expiration dates. What better time to do it than on a cold winter day when you can’t get outside anyway? The ideal way to clean a pantry is to remove all items, dust for cobwebs, wipe down all the shelves, clean the baseboards, and scrub the floor.

As that is drying start sorting through the canned and packaged goods. Check for expiration dates and for packaged items that have been opened and not used for a long time. Start putting things back in the pantry in what you feel is a logical system. We realize that everybody has a different logic to how they want their pantry stocked.


Window Washing Tips

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Have you ever seen those professional window cleaners that go up and down buildings with a bucket and a squeegee getting all of those windows to look perfect? It is truly an amazing feat. Have you ever wondered how they do it?

First thing they do is to get a good squeegee, you can’t do this by going to the dollar store and getting one there. You need to go to a Home Depot or Menard’s and get a quality one with replaceable blades. You should be able to get this for under $20 and it is a good investment if you have a lot of windows to clean. Wait for a cool cloudy day.


Homemade Laundry Aids

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Some people are affected by the odors of the cleaning products that are commonly used and some people just do not want all of the potentially toxic ingredients around their loved ones and small children or pets. These are a couple of quick tips for those of you who want to clean with as natural as possible ingredients.

White Vinegar – You can use this as an all around cleaner, but it excels as an additive in the laundry. Add 1 cup to the final rinse water and it will dissolve all of the alkalis in soaps and detergents.


Getting Ready For the Holidays

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The Holidays are here – and so is the craziness involved with decorating, shopping for presents, getting the house ready for parties and cooking for family and friends. To make the process a little easier try to think about the cleaning process before you start.

Your guests will not be checking out the back recesses of your closets, they probably will not even go near certain parts of your house. Therefore, don’t spend a lot of time tidying up or cleaning areas that will not be seen.