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Perk up your Party with Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

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Everybody has a general idea of what is the perfect party food. However in addition to the old standbys why not toss in a few fresh seasonal fruits and veggies! Here is a list of the early ones available in Indiana that can be worked in various dishes or be a dish themselves.

Fresh Springtime Veggies:
• Radishes
• Peas,
• Lettuces/Greens
• Garlic
• Green Beans
• Spring Beets
• Asparagus
• Artichokes
• Spring Onions
• Beets
• Parsley
• Rhubarb
• Turnips

Fresh Fruits
• Apricots
• Cherries
• Citrus fruit – grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, clementines
• Rhubarb
• Strawberries
• Avocados
• Lemons
• Mango
• Pineapple
• Navel Oranges
• Kiwis

And the unusual Spring Foraged Foods
• Fiddleheads
• Morel mushrooms
• Stinging Nettle

Partying With Your Pets!

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Most of our clients have pets – and those pets are part of the family. So… when it comes time for hosting the party and guests start to arrive what do you do with your pets? Yes, some of our pets are such people pets that they are absolutely sure that everybody coming to the party is there to see them. However other pets a very young or simply timid while other pets have a tendancy to snap.

Starting first with the young or timid pet. These little guys may need a special safe secluded spot that they can feel comfortable and secure away from the noise, occasional “scarey” outbursts, trampling feet and in general rowdiness that goes with people having fun and partying. Putting them in their crate or bed a quiet bedroom or other unused room of the house will make them more comfortable. If guests insist on seeing your pet then you can bring him/her out for a short period of time where you can stay with them to monitor their fear/stress level. When they seem over stimulated – then off to the quiet room! A separate room is also a good idea for the precious pet that loves to dash out the front door every time it opens – or the party might have to adjourn to a lost pet search!

Other pets don’t always have a high tolerance for large crowds and/or small children and will growl, hiss or snap at someone they feel is “getting a little too close”. If your pet is a little short on patience perhaps removing them to a separate room will also make the pet and the guests more comfortable.

Now we consider the pet that absolutely LOVES to be in the center of EVERYTHING! This one simply needs to have any temptations removed from his/her presence. For example: If he loves cheese – do not put a cheese tray on the coffee table – He just might help himself to the cheese buffet! Of course, if he gets to be a nuisance he too can go to a quiet room to settle down and relax a bit.

A little bit of advanced planning will help make the party more enjoyable for both guests and pets.

Getting Ready for those May Graduations and Indy 500 Parties

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May is traditionally the time to clean out all the “old” from winter and jump headfirst into spring! The question is where to start and how to start. We have a few ideas on how to get going with both your inside and outside preparations.

Getting the inside of your home party ready. Yes, we all know that we have to clean the house in the spring to get rid of all those hidden dust bunnies, light film of dust on the blinds, dirt on the window sills, staleness in the curtains, grease film on the cabinet fronts and dust on the artificial plants and even dust on the living plants! But what else should be done to freshen the house and let the wonderful rejuvenating essence of Spring in?

Here are some suggestions:

“But Mom, Why Do I Have to Clean My Room Before the Housecleaning People Come?”

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“But Mom, why do I have to clean my room before the housecleaning people come?” Ever had a child or maybe even a spouse wailing something like that? Here are the best reasons for tidying up the house before the cleaner arrives.

Entertaining the Kiddies at Summer’s Events

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Summer vacation is here, and so are weddings, graduations, family reunions and picnics. Ever wondered, “How am I going to occupy the kids on the drive or what will we do to keep all the little cousins entertained at the family reunion or what games can we play at the family or neighborhood picnic?” We have some ideas for you!