“But Mom, Why Do I Have to Clean My Room Before the Housecleaning People Come?”

// February 7th, 2013 // Activities, Tips for Living

“But Mom, why do I have to clean my room before the housecleaning people come?” Ever had a child or maybe even a spouse wailing something like that? Here are the best reasons for tidying up the house before the cleaner arrives.

As a client, you are paying by the hour and . . .

  • It takes the house keepers much longer to decide what clothes are dirty and what needs hung back up or folded and put away. Plus, if it needs cleaned, does it go somewhere for a drycleaner run or is it something you prefer to wash at home?
  • We don’t know how long you like keeping your newspapers or magazines. We sure don’t want the throw away the wrong ones.
  • If personal items like gels, hair spray, perfume, make up etc. are on the bathroom counter – we feel like we should wipe each down and get any stickies off it. That takes time and most clients would prefer to have us cleaning their shower stalls and floors.
  • If we are putting things away in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom there is always the chance that we put it in the wrong place or take too much time figuring out where it should go.
  • Housekeepers do not want and should not sort and pile the mail. They don’t want to be anywhere near your personal effects. – and you don’t want them there either!

Soooo…… the answer to the wailing person is: “If all the extra clutter has been picked up and put away the housecleaners can get down to their main job which is cleaning.”

Housecleaners can dust and wipe off the baseboards and window sills, we can polish or dust off the furniture and we can sweep and mop the floors. In the bathrooms if all the oils, sprays, perfumes, combs and brushes and makeup is off the counter we can get down to cleaning the hard water build up off the fixtures, tub and shower walls. In the kitchen we can get the counter tops cleaned and sanitized quicker, the cabinet fronts wiped down, appliances cleaned and the floor scrubbed.

All of this said – Do we mind picking up the clutter? No, we don’t mind; it’s job security for us. However in many houses the difference tidying up makes, is the difference of an extra hour or two each time we come. It all adds up!

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