5 Reasons to Rearrange Your Furniture

// October 25th, 2012 // Household Hints, Tips for Living, Uncategorized

Tired of the same old – same old living room? Traffic patterns becoming visible in carpeting? Stains showing? Sun damaging some furniture at a faster than normal rate? BUT, you really don’t want to spend the money on new furniture and decoration? Try rearranging your furniture.

Experts recommend rearranging a room for the following reasons:

1. Floors – Rearranging furniture allows people to walk in different areas and create new traffic patterns. This helps save your flooring by letting it wear more evenly instead of getting one really bad “path” while the rest of the carpet is great. It also prevents staining and re-staining the same areas over and over again. Each time the stains get harder to get out, while other parts of the carpet are perfect.

2. Changing the room will give it a new feel and new life! Simple things like removing a chair – or bringing a chair or table in from another room – or putting a floor lamp in and creating a reading area in a corner that had been dark and unused can change the entire ambience of a room. And it doesn’t have to cost anything!!! If you have a small budget for redecorating, consider an inexpensive throw, picture, lamp or vase. It doesn’t have to be a lot to make a big difference.

3. Fall and winter lighting is different than summer lighting. As we go into winter, the days get shorter and we rely on indoor lighting much more – however, the sun is lower on the horizon so when it is out – it will extend further into the house. Look around and see how that change will affect your TV viewing as well as your relaxing with a good book. If your windows are drafty you may want to move further away from them. If they are nice and tight and the sun comes in you may want to more closer to get that cozy warm feeling as you curl up and read.

4. Cleaning – now in the fall, many people want to get a good deep clean done before they are shut in for the winter. This is a perfect time to get behind the couch, desk, table, and chairs to do the deep clean. Yes, clean as you rearrange!

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