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// August 17th, 2011 // Cleaning Tips, Household Hints

Four quick and easy steps to mainaining a clean house

Now that the kids are going back to school and we are headed into Fall, it is time to start getting a simple system of keeping the house clean on a daily basis. Something that will help you maintain your sanity between formal cleanings.

Bedrooms – Upon getting up in the morning, quickly make the bed, pick up any clothes that may have gotten tossed to the side last night and put away any make up, papers, jewelry or other clutter that may have landed in the wrong spot. This should take only a couple of minutes if you do it every day.

Kitchen Clean Up – As you prepare your coffee, breakfast, or any other meal or snack during the day, clean up as you go. Any spills, splashes and drips will clean up much faster and easier if done immediately. Unless you are preparing a huge multi course meal there is usually time, while waiting for the water to boil for the spaghetti or the microwave to reheat a dish to get some of the counters and dishes washed or in the dishwasher.

Clutter – Take a quick run through the house and pick up whatever clutter has been dropped in the wrong room and put it in its appropriate spot. This is also a great job for the kids. Sometimes it helps to have them pick up 25 things before they go out to play, watch TV or go to bed.

Floors – Do a short swoop around the main traffic areas with a nice wide dust mop. This will not only keep the floors cleaner, but will prevent the family from tracking any debris, dog hair etc to another part of the house. It will also help cut down on dust, because the air blowing from the air conditioner or furnace running will not pick it up and deposit it on bookshelves, tables or end tables.

Three Reasons to Use a Good House Cleaning Company

In today’s fast paced environment where even the kids have a hectic schedule, hiring a top notch house cleaning company makes more sense than it ever has! Having quality professionals in to clean your home on a regular basis will help reduce overall stress, maximize quality family time and get everything done quickly and efficiently at one time. How??

Reduce Stress – Whether you are coming home from a long day of work, running the kids (and sometimes the pets) to various appointments, doing your week’s worth of errands or volunteering for your favorite charity, the thought of coming home to a messy dirty house is additional unwanted stress and pressure. However, walking in the door to a great smelling, wonderfully clean and organized home is like a breathing a breath of fresh air. When you get home you can truly enjoy your home, put up your feet and r e l a x !

Maximize Quality Family (Personal) Time – Yes, once a week you can declare “family time” and have everybody grab a broom and dustpan, a dust cloth or the toilet bowl cleaner and all settle in to a good round of family fun cleaning the home. However, I have tried that and NOBODY at my house thought that was even remotely a good idea. Yes, getting everybody to pick up their clothes, books, magazines, toys and video games is one thing – but that still leaves the heavy cleaning to somebody – probably an adult who has worked too much already! Hence the good idea of hiring someone to do the big cleaning and use the extra time for something the family truly considers FUN!

Have It All Done Quickly and At One Time – When most people try to tackle cleaning the house by themselves they get started and then see that the closet needs organized or the magazines need sorted or the old makeup in the bathroom needs gone through to get rid of expired items. Most people have distractions like this pop up when they are cleaning. Therefore, what should have been a 2-3 hour job turns into a day long ordeal and at the end of the day all of the cleaning is not even done. Yes, the bookcases are organized and the china is washed, but that is not what you set out to do. A professional cleaning service will simply get in, clean the house and leave. Since they are not the home owners, they are not distracted by the pop up jobs.

Two times a month is good – The most common cleaning that we do is a bi weekly 2-4 hour cleaning. Two hours can totally clean a small condo or apartment, while even the largest home when done on a weekly or bi weekly basis can usually be cleaned in 4 hours. In a larger home, many of the rooms are put on a rotational basis and therefore not cleaned every time. Some areas are cleaned only before a special event. We invite anyone interested to call or email us for a free estimate – or to simply answer any questions.

One great cleaning service! The staff at the Personal Concierge is professional, trustworthy and fast! We can do a one-time deep clean for when you’ve put it off for too long and just need some help, or have us into your home or office a couple times a month to keep your place spotless and enjoyable to occupy. Either way you’ll be glad you did!

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